After losing 15kg / 33lb from mostly food only weight loss,

I did a 3 month fitness experiment, I wanted to see what my results would be if I continued eating my 4 meals a day True Banting diet, and did just 3 fitness sessions a week that were only 20 minutes long. (60 minutes total)

I went to a radiology clinic and had a DEXA Body Composition scan, this is one of the most accurate forms of body scan testing available today, you'll see my before and after simple numbers listed below for the following areas:

Body Fat Percentage (%)
Total Mass (Weight)
Fat Mass (Fat Weight)
Lean Mass (Muscle Weight)
BMC  (Bone Weight)

Before Starting
3 Month Experiment

After Completing
3 Month Experiment

As a result of doing only 60 minutes of training each week for 3 months, (3 x 20 minutes a week) I not only reduced my body fat by a further 4kg, but I also increased my lean muscle mass by 3kg.

4 fat kg's lost, 3 muscle kg's gained, that meant my body weight reduced by only 1kg, (86kg down to 85kg), which after already losing 15kg's in the previous 12 months (101kgs down to 86kgs) as a result of mostly food only weight loss, mid to low 80kgs is where I want to be.

One thing my 3 month fitness experiment did was demonstrate the importance of using another form of measurement other than scales on their own, (especially when fitness is involved) I've found measuring your waistline with a simple tape measure to be a great measuring system too.

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You can also download Your Spending app below, it's an app I designed and had built that's showing people a better way to manage their spending, (including myself) I actually lost the first 6kg of my 15kg as a direct result of using the app.