Welcome to Improvement After Movement (I AM), a sustainable weight loss program here to help anyone wanting to lose their excess weight and keep it off long term.

Improvement After Movement is made up of 4 parts:

The True Banting Diet
Fast Fitness
Your Spending App
The I AM Charity

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Weight Loss Diet


The True Banting Diet was the very first sustainable weight loss diet started way back in 1862, it's named after my 4 Greats Grandfather William Banting.


Manage Your
Spending Better


Your Spending is a budgeting app I designed and had built over a 12 month period starting in 2018.

My turning point weight loss moment was a complete accident, and it was all because of this app, I lost my first 6kg in 4 months by accident, and it was as a result of putting a cap on my weekly food spending.

Here's the ratings and reviews from the Australian App Store:



Mental Health

The I AM Charity is all about better mental health, when thinking about your past, your present and your future.

The Improvement After Movement message first came to mind in 2006, it was during an 18 month period when I put together a series of simple improvement principles.

It was also during that 18 month period I was also introduced to an incredible psychology system called The Work, The I AM Charity introduces you to both.