Follow Up To My First I AM Message, About Ye’s Mental Health

I heard late last night that Adidas was the latest company to cut ties with Ye (formerly Kanye West) because of continued anti-Semitic comments, I thought I should add some comments to my first I AM message giving some further perspective to it.

Firstly, my original message was written purely from watching Tucker Carlson’s interview with Ye on Fox News, nothing against Ye, but I’ve never taken an interest in him (or formerly Kanye West) prior to his interview with Tucker Carlson, since then I’ve watched people’s response to it, including watching further interviews from Ye, with Chris Cuomo and Piers Morgan.

Today, I watched 4 or 5 more of his interviews on YouTube, from appearances on late night TV shows and podcasts, from years ago, and I also started watching his 3 part Netflix documentary from the early 2000’s, simply to get more of an understanding of him, I didn’t even know what he was worth financially until after posting my first message.

I sincerely hope Ye gets the help he needs, and he surrounds himself with people who truely have his best health at heart, here’s an image I found online that I truely support.

And finally, here’s the comment from Ye in his interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News that lead to my first I AM message, where he mentions Abraham, the father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.