The I AM Charity section was the first part of Improvement After Movement, it's focused on mental health, better mental health.

It's important to understand there is a difference between mental health and mental illness, mental health applies to everyone.

The I AM Charity has 2 sections:

The Work
Improvement Principles

Scroll down to learn more about each section.

The Work


The Work is a simple 4 question psychology system, Byron Katie teaches it through her bestselling book called Loving What Is.

I've found it to be a great way to deal with difficult experiences, as well as day to day stress, frustration, anger and disappointment.

In 2002 my Dad had a heart attack and died, I carried his body to the ground and gave him CPR, The Work was the most effective process I came across for dealing with that experience.

There are hundreds of Byron Katie YouTube videos online too.

In October 2005 I went across to America and completed Byron Katie's school for The Work, I found it extremely valuable.

Improvement Principles

Over an 18 month period between 2005 and 2006 I developed a series of improvement principles, I bought my first home when I was 20, and looking back, these principles played a key role in being able to.

I had to sell that house to continue funding this project, just the first stage cost was over $100,000, I hope you find my entire program helpful, not only these 4 principles below.

1. Improvement After Movement


2. Great Results Indicator


3. Memorize, Model, Master


4. Plant, Nourish, Flourish