Simplified Food Guide Pyramid

Here’s my simplified version of the 1992 USDA Food Guide Pyramid, I combine it with the framework of William Banting’s weight loss dietary system, (within 20%) Banting Balance, 4 meals a day, both solid and liquid portion in each meal etc.

Yesterday, I printed out my simplified Food Guide Pyramid and laminated it, then stuck it on my benchtop so I can constantly refer to it as a guide, this morning at breakfast I weighed my food for the first time in a long time.

Where the amount of vegetables I had been eating in my meal 1 breakfast meal was about 1.5 servings from the Food Guide Pyramid, I learned that now I’m eating 2 servings of the recommended 3-5 daily servings of vegetables, just in my breakfast meal.

I’ve found the Food Guide Pyramid to be such a valuable guide, here’s page 85 and 86 of my ebook, The True Banting Diet, download entire ebook free at Improvement After Movement homepage.