Is it Time to Reset? Yes, in my case.

In the past week the movie King Richard started showing in my Netflix feed, I watched it a couple of days ago, it's a great movie, I really took note of Mr Williams asking his daughters if they’d done their night time journaling, including planning their next day, and his daughters, including Venus and Serena saying their 'Fail to plan, plan to fail' message response, watching King Richard prompted me to revisit my own situation, here’s the movie trailer.

Since (and before) finishing the first versions of my ebook The True Banting Diet, in August this year, I let some of my normal daily living go a bit, from about 3-4 weeks out from my August 26 ebook release date goal, I used savings set aside, so I could finish The True Banting Diet ebook properly, or as best I could complete it, without having to drive to continue paying bills, so there’s been a readjustment process to go through.

Earlier this year I put together this 4 Ring Binder 'Organiser' to help, well, organise myself, I used only 6 of the 12 labels, writing headings in pencil, to be able to erase and re-use them as time went by, the first label was my '5,000 word letter', that was my Banting letter, my initial plan when I attempted to write The True Banting Diet for the third time was to make it only 5,000 words, like William Banting's third edition letter was, but I soon found a 5,000 word count number was impossible to stick to when my opening Part 1 Banting investigation started.

Writing this Midweek Message now, I might take a look at how many words the practical Part 2 section of The True Banting Diet was, and do something with it.

I think one of the keys to Once and Forever weight loss is being organised, in today's world, most of us are pretty busy, I think there could be two ends of a busy line, Chaotic Busy and Organised Busy.

With 1 being Chaotic Busy and 10 being Organised Busy, where would you be on this line right now?

I think prior to this week, I'd be somewhere in the middle, but after this week, definitely moving in the direction of becoming more organised busy again.

In my Improvement After Movement once and forever weight loss program, these three parts are unavoidable to manage for every single person?

Eating and Drinking
Finances / Spending
Thinking / Mindset

Then there's one optional (but highly important) section that's only talked about so far in The True Banting Diet ebook, it doesn't have a section yet on the I AM website, and that's:

Exercise / Fitness

Picking up this bike last weekend has made a massive difference already for me, both with my physical and mental health, more about it in a future Midweek Message, along with the other 3 sections already mentioned, more to come on them too.

In summing up this second Midweek Message, my 'Organiser' now has all 12 labels being used, and I'm feeling a whole lot more organised and productive again, if you don't already have an organising system setup, or you've let it go for a bit, think about setting/resetting one up.

Big thanks to The Williams family for the movie, King Richard.

Marc Edward Jarman
Improvement After Movement