NRL Football: State of Origin… Queensland vs New South Wales


Oct 6, 2022 Tweet: Queensland and New South Wales play a 3 game annual rugby league series called State of Origin, prior to Origin starting in 1980, Qld used to get flogged most years by NSW because players had to represent the state they were playing in, and not their State of Origin.

The best Qld players were playing rugby league in NSW because it was a richer competition and could pay players more money than Qld clubs, so Qld were being flogged by a NSW team that included the best Qld players in it, not really fair, all Qld wanted was a fair go, they got it in 1980.

The most notable inclusion back in the Qld team was captain Arthur Beetson, Arthur was the first Indigenous Australian to captain Australia in any sport. Well past his best, he came out of representative retirement to captain Qld in that first Origin. He passed away in 2011.