What Does Kanye West (Ye) Mentioning ‘Abraham’ Say About Him Being An Anti-Semite? (Hostile To Jews Just Because They’re Jewish)

It's important that I start this first I AM post with my clear intentions for writing it, my sole purpose for writing this message is to see not just Kanye West (Ye) with a smile on his face, but also for everyone who's been hurt by his comments with a smile on their face too. (Open-ended timeline)

Ye has a history of mental illness, he refers to bipolar in his interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News Channel last week, and I've heard him talk about being in hospital for mental illness too.

I also heard Ye make this statement in his interview with Tucker too, which lead me to think that he's not anti-Semitic, but could once again be struggling with mental illness, even if he's not aware of it.

Ye said, "We're all God's kids, we're all sons [and daughters] of Abraham".

I added [and daughters] for obvious reasons.

Why is Ye mentioning 'Abraham' so important?

In many versions of the Bible, God told Abraham he was going to make him "the father of many nations", the three faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all here today through a very human story, and that's the story of Abraham, Sarah, Hajar, and half brothers Isaac and Ishmael.

This is a very brief outline, Abraham was married to Sarah, Sarah was unable to fall pregnant, so she encouraged Abraham to sleep with Hajar, Abraham did, and they had a son, Ishmael. Over a decade later, Sarah fell pregnant and had a son, Isaac.

The Islamic faith continues ascending from Ishmael, and both the Jewish, then Christian faiths continue ascending from Isaac, half brothers. (Half brothers being the very human story)

(Note: I'm not a biblical scholar, and I don't claim to be, or want to be, this is simply a basic, uncomplicated understanding)

So last week when Ye said, "We're all God's kids, we're all sons [and daughters] of Abraham", that's a very inclusive statement to make, which made me think that Ye is under the influence of mental illness at the moment.

I understand Ye has a problem with some people who are of the Jewish faith, I don't think it's their Jewish faith that's the problem though, that way of thinking is like a person having a problem with specific individuals who all happen to be Christian, and as a result, they form the opinion that it's their Christian faith that's the problem, it makes no sense to form that conclusion. (This same example can be applied to people from a specific country, race, age, gender, sport etc.)

I think it's so important that chemical imbalances in the brain are balanced with the best medicine's we have available at this point in time, along with a fuel source (diet, foods and drinks) that's right for that person, and I also think The Work of Byron Katie is a great mental health gift that needs to be shared with the world, an early edition of Katie's best-selling book, Loving What Is, (audiobook) has been on YouTube for years, I've embedded it in the I AM Mindset Health section.

Directly below Katie's audiobook on the I AM website is a link to one of her worksheets, I call it a Shouldsheet, we all have 'should' statements that bring stress into our lives, and it's so easy for someone to say to a person, 'just let it go', I've found doing shouldsheets (Shouldsheet.com) a highly effective process to start letting go of stressful feelings and experiences in my own life.

I wish I had of started using them far sooner than I did, I simply listened to the Loving What Is audiobook for years, and applying Katie's four questions and the turnaround process in my mind, it was incredibly beneficial, but including the shouldsheets now in my life too, have taken The Work to a far greater level of personal peace for myself.

Marc Edward Jarman

ps. I think a lot of leaders (large and small) use external factors (like religion and race) as their reason for conflict and/or war, when personal peace could be all they need, leading to the prevention of senseless disruption, death and incredible misery for many families. (I AM Mindset Health)

October 26, 2022
Additional Comments

I heard late last night that Adidas was the latest company to cut ties with Ye (formerly Kanye West) because of continued anti-Semitic comments, I thought I should add some comments to this first I AM message giving some further perspective to it.

Firstly, my original message was written purely from watching Tucker Carlson's interview with Ye on Fox News, nothing against Ye, but I've never taken an interest in him (or formerly Kanye West) prior to his interview with Tucker Carlson, since then I've watched people's response to it, including watching further interviews from Ye, with Chris Cuomo and Piers Morgan.

Today, I watched 4 or 5 more of his interviews on YouTube, from appearances on late night TV shows and podcasts, from years ago, and I also started watching his 3 part Netflix documentary from the early 2000's, simply to get more of an understanding of him, I didn't even know what he was worth financially until after posting my first message.

I sincerely hope Ye gets the help he needs, and he surrounds himself with people who truely have his best health at heart, here's an image I found online that I truely support.

And finally, here's the comment from Ye in his interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News that lead to this first I AM message, where he mentions Abraham, the father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.